Solana Fox Corporation

Solana Fox Corporation is a collection of 333 uniquely generated Foxes on the Solana Blockchain. By purchasing a Fox, you are invited to be a part of the special SFC club that provides unique and exclusive perks such as, Airdrops, tickets to future NFT launches, DAO Participation, and fun events!

Mint – 303
Giveaways – 20
Marketing/Influencers – 10


How our NFT’s will be distributed. We will be distributing 10 NFT’s to Influencers and for Marketing Purposes, while holding 20 for Giveaways on Twitter and Discord. The remaining will be in the Mint.


  • Creation of SolanaFoxCorporation Brand

    Actively build the brand through Twitter and Discord

  • Mint Launch & Marketplace Listing

    SFC Minting period begins. After minting period ends, list on Solana Marketplaces

  • VulpesDAO

    VulpesDAO Development and Structure | SFC Breeding Development

  • SFC Merch

    Exclusive SFC Merch with limited editions for NFT Holders

  • The SFCVerse

    SFCVerse Development...


  • 5% Minted

    Twitter Giveaway

  • 10% Minted

    Twitter Giveaway

  • 20% Minted

    Twitter Giveaway + Merch Designs

  • 50% Minted

    5 Foxes Airdrop to SFC holders

  • 75% Minted

    Special Twitter Contest to Win Extra Prizes

  • 100% Minted

    Purchase Floor Foxes to increase value, use purchased Foxes for airdrops